Why Moroccan rugs?

What sets them apart from the array of other exquisite rugs out there?

Persia and India are well known for their textiles as well, so is there truly a notable difference?

Moroccan rugs aren’t an acquired taste. They are loved by all - in countries across the globe.

They’re all the rage in Australia, and have been highly sought after in Japan for some time. North America is finally beginning to behold the beauty of Moroccan design and décor. These rugs are simply timeless and story-bound.

Moroccan rugs stand the test of time - durable, yet such a treat to touch. Our female artisan partners put incredible care and attention into each knot they place. Most are created using sheep’s wool, a warm and sustainable product.  raha roho uses wool sheared from living sheep, a humane and sustainable practice when compared to the alternative. Produced in small batches and dyed with both plants and powder (for the more modern and vibrant colours), our wool is hand delivered to the co-op weekly.

 OK, so now for the fun part of why:

 They bring so much warmth, texture, and colour to a space. It’s an easy way to inject soul into your home.

 So many of our textured rugs have colours and patterns – while some may shy away from these at first glance, they are the perfect choice to allow living freely. If you spill a drink, who cares? Natural materials like wool clean well, and get better with age.  We created the option for custom rugs as a way to involve you in the beautiful process.


When you buy a rug like this, you’re investing in a story.

Not only is it a staple for your home, it’s art, a celebration of a marriage or child, and a way to impress special guests. Moroccans use them to sleep on, pray on, and for income. These rugs are an asset to your home. With raha roho, you are contributing to a family’s earnings - many of whom have little education and resources.

raha roho creates a style of rug called Azilal. These rugs are produced in the Mid Atlas Mountains of Morocco and are known for their avant-garde style. Because they are single knotted, delicate designs and motifs can be created. The base is often kept neutral, using the natural ivory colour of the sheep’s wool. In some circumstances, the brown colours seen in the rug may have been achieved using henna.

Having personally spent time in the homes of our artisans, I can say how skilled and devoted they are to their job. Our female powered co-op is hard working and genuine. Each piece they knot by hand has a story woven throughout - that will last a lifetime. This is a trivial part of Moroccan life.


So that’s why.

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