customize every part of your nursery

perfect little feet need the perfect cloud-like rug beneath them

you will never forget those first steps, so we think they should be on a raha roho rug ...


striving to create long-lasting, generational pieces for your home

never grow up

choose to include hand-drawn illustrations that you and your child love - get creative and don't worry about symmetry... traditional Moroccan rugs tell their own story and rarely have symmetrical designs.

What's yours?

Why our rugs?

Good for you

made with locally + ethically sourced, Moroccan sheep's wool

Made to perform

our wool is sustainable and easy to clean. it's also fire-retardant

100% hand made

each and every knot in your rug is made by hand, supporting women artisans in rural Morocco


play with our wide selection of wool colours to match the rest of the room

the sky is the limit

fully customize:
- size
- design
- colours
- finishing fringe

raha roho

feel with your feet

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sharing materials with meaning

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