measure the entire seating area included in your living room. To ground the conversation space, your area rug should roughly be the size of the seating area. The best look is when your rug is at least a foot wider that your sofa on either side.

There are two main styles for showcasing a rug in this space.

Option 1: include it all: every piece of furniture is included (in some amount) on the rug

Option 2: half on half off": the front legs of your furniture are included on the rug, the rest is not

General sizes: 5’ x 8’ // 8’ x 10’ // 9’ x 12’



measure your bed and side tables (if you have some).

leave at least 2’ (24”) of rug showing around the perimeter of your bed so your feet feel cozy when stepping down on the floor early in the morning.

Option 1: if you can’t fit the entire bed on the rug with a border showing, at least have the lower 2/3 of the bed on top of the rug so the rug shows at the foot of your bed. If your room is large enough, choose a rug that holds your entire bed.

Option 2: have a smaller rug on either side of your bed. Greet your feet with a rug from our mini collection. It’s the perfect neutral and you’ll never get tired of stepping on it!



measure your entire dining room area, including the chairs.

This is important: all 4 legs of your chair must be on the rug at all times, so make sure you have atleast 1.5-2 feet of rug surrounding your table.

General size: 8’ x 10’