A Riad

If you ever find yourself stuck in the online vortex of Moroccan travel, you will quickly learn that riads are a big deal.

The word riad is an Arabic name meaning garden or meadows. It has slowly translated to refer to historic Moroccan homes that have an inner courtyard and garden, typically with a water feature or fountain in the centre.

Riads have become one of the most popular aspects of travelling to Morocco, with riad tours now on the to do list for visitors. In fact, according to Condé Nast, the city of Marrakech has become “the best hotel town in North Africa”, with thousands of unique places to stay. These beautiful traditional homes, converted to modern oases are often hidden in quiet and unadorned corners of medinas across the country. Each guest room, more palatial than the last, leaves you feeling like you never want to step out of its four walls. One of my favorite parts of staying in a riad is the morning ritual of having Moroccan breakfast on the roof top terrace, accompanied by sweet mint tea. As you devour the delicate French crepes and assortment of fruit, you hear the call to prayer in the distance, bringing people together across the country to pray. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture a designer’s coveted corners of cacti, sun bleached faded pink walls, and timeless bohemian furniture. Grab a magazine and your sunnies and you’ll spend some much needed afternoon down time on a roof-top chaise-longue, absorbing the Moroccan heat and vistas.


Here’s a list of some of my favorite riads to visit if you find yourself in Marrakech Morocco.

Riad Jardin Secret: http://riadjardinsecret.com

Riad Kitula: https://www.kitulamarrakech.com

Riad 42: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/411375

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