How to be a conscious shopper

Now is the time to trade in those plastic bags, plastic wrap and to-go cups for sustainable and durable life-long accessories.

There are so many gorgeous and trendy reusable options at our finger tips- so I thought it would be fun to share a few with you here.

I am obsessed with Bee Kind, a local Vancouver brand that makes hand-designed bees wax wraps and produce bags. Not only do they support sustainable living, they also donate a portion of their profits to marine conservation initiatives. How great!

Their beeswax wraps are stunning and long lasting. I haven’t bought saran wrap or zip lock bags in over two years and my wraps are still going strong. It’s easy to care for them- just rinse with lukewarm water and soap!

If you haven’t tried re-usable produce bags, here is your link. These bags are perfect for carrying fresh food such as lettuce, garlic, and onions. Leave the plastic on the roll at the grocery store and bring these with you next time you grab groceries.


Who doesn’t love an artisanal made shopping bag with a story? 

Meet AW by Andrea Wong, another local Vancouver woman and brand. AW is inspired by the Pacific North West and focused on the cohesion between quality of materials and craftsmanship. Their classic-designed gratitude grocery bags make shopping fun + sustainable.

Andrea also creates gorgeous waxed canvas lunch bags and leather belt bags (I’m saving up for one of these)!


Beldi Baskets

Did you know we also have hand-woven straw baskets on the site (available for local drop-off + international shipping)? I have so many of these in my apartment and use them as laundry baskets (it’s so nice that they’re bendy and have a handle)! I also throw all of my son’s toys in one to keep our living room in order after he goes to bed. These Moroccan baskets are in style and will never let you down.


For an international brand, I love The Jacksons.

They sell hand-crafted jute “word bags” that are designed in the UK and made in Bangladesh by women.

Their mission? To be an ethical brand taking a responsible approach to materials and the planet whilst helping in the fight against global poverty and women’s role in society.  



We are compelled to make smarter choices now – what have you committed to in 2020?

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