Let me tell you about the magic of Moroccan rugs…

Not only are Moroccan rugs gorgeous, they are laden with stories and tradition. This symbolism is what I fell in in love with before I started raha roho.

Having dear Moroccan friends, I have spent time asking questions and gathering the rich story that creates this blog post. I hope you enjoy!

 A Moroccan rug is a work of art for your floor. It’s an investment that retains its value and charm.

When I was preparing to travel to Morocco, I had a list of questions I wanted to ask the artisans. What inspired them to create these beautiful rugs? What colours did they love the most?

How naïve.

Rug making isn’t about inspiration like it may be for artists here in North America. Rug making is a way of life. It’s food on the table, medicine for their family, and something they just know how to do. It provides a warm home when they are married and it’s a practice that most girls learn from the time they are an early teenager.

raha roho rugs originate in the Atlas Mountain range, created by the Berber tribe whos stories extend far beyond their village and in to homes across the world. That cozy wool rug beneath your feet is not just a floor covering, it’s a journal rich in history.

 These exotic Moroccan rugs are an ancient art form, passed down for generations. As I learned during my time spent in the homes of our artisan women, rug making is a rite of passage and an act of expression. These women have a story to tell, and it isn’t always pretty. Just as you and I have ups and downs, the path of each weaver can often be traced in their art.

Some rugs carry a personal message or experience, while others are more of a theme that is passed on to the next generation. In some of the simpler rug designs, you can find patterns of the Moroccan landscape, mountains and farm life. The life rituals of Berber women are knotted into the rugs and showcase stories of fertility, marriage, birth, and agriculture.

This symbolism of Berber tradition is often referred to as infinite rapport – meaning the design and spirit of the work extends far beyond the borders of the rug.

Before the rug is cut from the loom, a prayer is said by the artisan – expressing gratitude for the work and love for the story that is their masterpiece. The rugs are revealed only once complete and become a prized possession for the home (if they aren’t being sold).

 Their messages are passed down in wool.

These rugs are eco-friendly and the newest addition to your library.

In what ways do you share your story?
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