Meet Gillian Stevens

This past spring, raha roho teamed up with Canadian editorial and lifestyle photographer Gillian Stevens to shoot our Fatima Collection. We loved working with Gillian to capture some of our most beloved neutrals in her Carriage Studio.

raha roho values creating connections and getting to know those we work with in order to support one another in business

Gillian built and launched the Carriage Studio this year, featuring simple yet elegant European design. Services range from studio rental, to photography and production. My favourite parts about the space? The 100 year-old windows and the locally made bespoke wood furniture.

Here’s our exclusive and fun interview with Gillian …
Could you describe yourself in one sentence?
No! : ) But my favourite things about myself are the friends and family who surround me.
What is your favorite aspect of being a mother (I know it’s hard to pick just one)?
It all feels like such a gift. I marvel everyday that I get to spend my days with my amazing son (and babe on the way!).
How has motherhood impacted your career?
I took a bit of a “break” when my son was first born – but the best way to describe that first year of work was, well, unpredictable and chaotic.. ha! The first year with a baby is about constantly changing and adjusting to new rhythms, so trying to insert a career into that was difficult. We juggled between different babysitters, but it always felt like a struggle to work. Around his 1st birthday, I realized that if I wanted to work, we needed a permanent childcare solution. We decided to put him in daycare 3 days a week and my work life finally felt balanced again. 3 days a week still isn’t much when it comes to running your own business – but becoming a mother has taught me how much I can actually accomplish in a small amount of time, so for the most part it works.
Being a mother is my first priority, and work just has to fall within those boundaries – so I really only work with people who are understanding of that, and thankfully many people are!
Who is your favourite lifestyle Instagram account to follow right now?
Two friends, Sophie Lynge (jewelery designer) and Margherita Porra (designer). I connected with both of them through motherhood – they have kids very close to Henry’s age, and they both balance motherhood and work so beautifully. They also live and document their lives in a beautiful way – a constant inspiration to me!
When you get a quiet moment, what do you love to do the most?
I love cooking and preparing food – especially for my friends and loved ones.
Coffee or tea?
One cup of coffee in the morning, and an afternoon chai tea with almond milk.
Line dry or dryer?
Most of my clothes need to be hung dry of course.. but I am all about things that can be put in the dryer !
Digital or film?
Fall or winter?


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