Bathroom meets rug

At the end of 2019 we shot our collection of minis- created to invite warmth and comfort in different areas of your home, especially your bed and bathroom.

As you’re probably aware, these two rooms are where we spend many precious hours of our lives. We visit them multiple times a day.

We sleep, we shower, we bathe, we pamper and pick, we reflect.

A lot happens in these sacred spaces used to relax and recharge. I believe that our bathrooms deserve to get a little more TLC than they’re historically given.

You might just shake your head and think that it’s not very practical to have a rug in your bathroom, and I totally get it.


But picture this…

a wooly rug next to your bathroom or sink creating warmth while you unwind from a long day on your feet. It’s one of the simple and sustainable luxuries we don’t often treat ourselves to.

So I say, treat your feet and your bathroom!


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