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Welcome to the second post of our monthly Manzil / Maison series, a look into every day people’s homes, highlighting a variety of incredible human beings while sharing their unique raha roho pieces.

Manzil is the Arabic word for “house”, and Maison is it’s French equivalent. These two languages and cultures are tightly woven into the fabric of raha roho, and we love it.

Images: Mariel Nelms



Meet Christine

Owner, creative director, and master stylist of Life and Colour Salon in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown.

Walking into Christine’s home is like entering a designer’s home x art studio. It’s invigorating and leaves you feeling inspired to go home and rearrange your home.

1. How does your home make you feel?

My home makes me feel calm and relaxed. It has the most amazing light in the evening, it’s just so perfect for happy hour rosé.

 2. What’s one thing you love about where you live?

It’s close to some of the best restaurants in the city. Bao Bei , Kissa Tanto, St. Lawrence and Ask for Luigi... to name a few. Also it’s walking distance to LIFE&COLOUR Salon so that’s pretty sweet.



3. Your business, LIFE&COLOUR Salon is unique from other salons. Having been there myself a few times, I can say it feels transformative and energizing to be in the salon. What was your intention behind creating this space?

Ahhh that is so amazing to hear. We really pride ourselves in creating an inclusive space, where we celebrate individuality. We want to teach people how to work with what they have instead of trying to make everyone fit inside the same box.

We wanted it to feel like the old days where you go to the beauty parlour and chat with the person next to you, where you feel like a community, we share information and empower one another. We don’t cater to the Divas’ - that goes for clients or stylists. Everyone is treated with respect.


4. Who has inspired you lately?

Well I took the Kelly Werstler master class recently so I’m starting infuse that into design and personal style.

I’m loving some my favourite Scandinavian fashion bloggers for style, home and lifestyle.

Jeanette Madson, Anna Winck and Jessie Bush are my gals right now.

5. What has been the best part about being a business owner?

Well it’s definitely a challenge. It exposes the things you need to work on, that’s always a good thing. 

A couple of the things that keep me going are to have creative control over your space and brand, and be a mama bird- watching stylists progress through their careers and become so strong in their craft.

6. Tell us more about your custom raha roho rug.

I ordered a very large natural wool shag rug - simple with no pattern, no fringe. I absolutely love how it fills the whole living room, creates softness and texture in an otherwise pretty cold modern space. 

7. Now that our social circles are slowly expanding again, what is one thing you’re looking forward to doing this summer?

Honestly I’m just looking forward to family camping trips and enjoying the local adventures. It’s usually what I do in the summer. I would LOVE to plan a trip for fall or winter! I usually travel quite a bit to balance work life so this may be a long stretch for me. 


8. You have some amazing tattoos, and in fact my one and only tattoo was done at a pop up party at your salon a few years back –eek! What is one of your favourite pieces? 

All them have some significance. I’d say the two that represent my grandmothers. They are both powerful women in their own right. One is a wild child, rule breaker and married 5 times . The other is the kindest, most gentle sweet soul you’ve ever met, Married to her first love for 50 years. They were both huge influences on me. I’m glad I had two extremely different examples, that women didn’t have to be a certain way. 

 9. Share one quick and dirty hair tip for us amateurs!

I’d say embrace your natural texture. Also learn how to style day two/three old hair. Anything to carve out time for more important things. 

Don’t only use dry shampoo, and forget to give those ends some love. spray your ends down with a light leave in, or scrunch some cream , oils or serum. It will give your ends some separation, moisture and shine. 



Thanks for chatting with me!

— Thank you, Christine. We love your home and the beautiful business you have created.

To learn more about Christine’s business, check out these links, or make a hair appointment with her @ LIFE&COLOUR!

Life and Colour Salon website: here.

More about Christine: here.

Instagram: here and here.



  1. Fatima Rugs / 2. Custom Rugs

You can purchase one of our pre-designed neutral Fatima rugs or create a custom rug like Christine’s.

Christine and her partner chose to order a custom natural wool rug for their living space. Keeping the rug neutral allows for pops of colour in their artwork, plants, and furniture.

Size: 8’ x 10’

Design: sans pattern and colour, allowing the natural un-dyed sheep’s wool to speak for itself.

Additional details: free of fringe or braided tassels


Mariel Nelms, branding and family photographer.

Website: here.

Instagram: here.

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