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We are excited to share with you our September home feature - a collection that is sure to brighten your souls and inspire new ideas. An intention of the MANZIL / MAISON series has been to highlight all styles of design and people. Humankind’s creativity, personality, and energy is not cookie-cutter - who we are and how we do life lands somewhere on a spectrum that deserves to be highlighted and explored. It has been our goal to share a wide range of homes and people. We have started locally as our main photographer is Vancouver-based, but we are excited to expand our horizons and travel internationally this fall. Please reach out to share your unique homes and pieces, we would be delighted to feature you on the blog, and on social media.

Now, to jump in … I can’t wait for you to scroll through this visual and written story of Nicole and Kappy Verma. A Vancouver-based couple who’s heritage and traditions span multiple continents.

We love how they have styled multiple raha roho pieces throughout their home. Alternating between a vibrant Aziza rug in their living room, to a earthy red sabra silk cushion on their bed, and over to a neutral creme rug in their kitchen and bedroom, the Vermas have mixed it all together with intention and soul.

Images: Mariel Nelms


How does your home make you feel?

Kappy: I feel so good when I come home after work. It takes away all of my stress and relaxes me.


Describe to us the Vancouver neighbourhood you live in, and what drew you to it.

This is the best neighbourhood we’ve ever lived in. We are near restaurants, breweries and good pizza. We can see the mountains from our balcony and have a great view of the city. We love main street because it’s a young and creative zone. It is full of vintage shops, furniture stores, and places to eat.


You seem to have cultivated a very soothing yet vibrant palette in your home, inspired by travel, culture, and adventure. What is one of your favourite aspects about it?

Kappy: I like the living room and couch, especially for taking naps … it’s comfy.

Nik: My favourite part of our home are the trinkets we’ve collected from travelling: a shell curtain in our bedroom, Indian quilts, artwork from Mexico and Bali.

I always enjoy hearing the story of how you two met - give us the high level version so we can share in your love story!

Nik: I met Kappy through his cousin when she visited him in India in 2016. Kappy’s cousin was busy with work so Kappy hosted me around Mumbai and took her to Goa and Kerala. We hit it off and got along really well together. When I arrived back home in Vancouver, we stayed in touch everyday. Shortly after that we agreed to have a long distance relationship. In May of that year, I flew back to Punjab to see Kappy and meet his family and we got engaged! In October we hosted a destination wedding in Goa. Almost one year later, Kappy’s immigration papers were approved and he moved to Vancouver in August 2017. The rest is history!

Nik, tell us a little bit about your business Chappals Chappals …

When I was in Mumbai, I saw many chappals (leather sandals) being sold in the markets. I bought a pair, loved them and decided to bring a touch of India to Vancouver by starting up a business selling the chappals. After looking for the right manufacturer, we found one based in Kolhapur. The chappals are ethically made and the artisans are paid fair wages to support their families and send their kids to school. Ethical fashion is important to us. We have three styles we offer: Bali slides, Palawan slides, and Goa sandals. Deisgned for the global wanderer, explorer, traveller and gypsetter alike.

Chappals Chappals

Kappy, what do you miss most about your home, India?

I miss my mom’s cooking and my buddies.

What are some of your favourite dishes to cook?

Kappy: Goat curry, daal makhani, palak paneer.

Nik: Aglio e olio, buddha bowls.


Tell us about the raha roho textiles you have in your home. What inspired you to choose a bright rug for your living room?

Our living room is mainly natural wood and brown tones, so we wanted to bring a touch of colour to the room. The rug gives the perfect pop of colour, balancing out the browns and matching well with our marble table. We love that the rug has a retre 70’s vibe to it

To dream a little bit, what would your next raha roho piece be?

We would probably want more cactus silk pillows and a pouf in the corner. We love the orangey-red pillow we already have!



  1. Aziza 06 / 2. Aziza 09

You can purchase one of our pre-designed vibrant Aziza rugs or create a custom rug like Nicole’s.

The Verma’s have chosen a bright rug for their living room and a sabra cushion to add to their eclectic collection of throw pillows on the bed.

Rug size: 3’ x 5’

Design: vibrant colours with traditional Moroccan motifs.

Additional details: customize this by choosing to have no fringe or add braided or loose tassels

3. Fatima 04

They also has the neutral mini in the kitchen and bedroom to add some soothing space to her vibrant home

What has been a summer highlight for you both?

Kappy says hiking at Bear Creek campground at Harrison Lake, and Nik says the family trip to the Sunshine coast. But they agree that both trips were a highlight and are tied for first place.


Mariel Nelms, branding and family photographer.

Website: here.

Instagram: here.


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