L'Orangerie | L'EAU


L'Eau | where subtle flat woven lines and plush waves of knots collide.

We have combined two ancient rug-making techniques into one incredible rug for you to experience. 

Using natural cream wool to create hand-knotted lines, the weavers then alternate with subtle flat woven rows in a light tan colour. Creating the ebb and flow effect of water - continually evolving with movement and energy. Depending on use, you will see flashes of tan coloured wool peaking through a soft higher pile area rug. Perfect for those wanting a light neutral rug but daring enough to add hints of colour to their room. 


Small: 3’ x 5’: $575 CAD

Medium: 4’ x 6’: $825 CAD

Large 1: 5’ x 8’: $1000 CAD

Large 2: 6' x 9': $1300

Large 3: 8’ x 10’: $1700 CAD

Extra Large: 9’ x 12’: $2300 CAD


Please allow 10-12 weeks for your carpet to be made by hand. It will then be shipped to Canada, prior to shipping to you.

Shedding of loose fibres is normal with new wool rugs and a natural result of being handcrafted. Shedding will diminish with regular vacuuming or a broom, typically within three to six months.

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