L'Orangerie | FLEUR


Meet Fleur - a flat woven and ever so soft map-like rug for your room. 

Made with 100% Moroccan sheep's wool, using a weaving technique rather than knotting. A cream base creates the canvas for black pathways ending in Moroccan motif flowers.

This rug is a flat woven cousin to the hand knotted style. Because of a different weaving technique, this lays flat and is more smooth underfoot. Perhaps easier to keep clean and better for those with allergies. The background colour is natural cream  sheep’s wool with a black design.

Fleur is fully customizable in colour and size. Please include any colour notes at checkout and we will follow up with an email and further colour ways for you to choose from.


Small: 3’ x 5’: $575 CAD

Medium: 4’ x 6’: $825 CAD

Large 1: 5’ x 8’: $1000 CAD

Large 2: 6' x 9': $1300

Large 3: 8’ x 10’: $1700 CAD

Extra Large: 9’ x 12’: $2300 CAD

There is minimal to no shedding with the flat woven rug.

Please allow 10-12 weeks for your carpet to be made by hand. It will then be shipped to Canada, prior to shipping to you.

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