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manzil / maison | november 2022

Our fall feature takes us to houston texas to meet with multi-hyphenate kathryn humphries.

as a mother, wife, interior design enthusiast, brand consultant, and co-creator of all you need method, kathryn has so much to share with us in our interview and we're grateful to have connected all the way across north america!


Above: the perfect porch swing hangs at the entrance of Kathryn's Houston home.

"This was a recent purchase from Polywood. In our neighborhood many houses have front porch swings and people are always outside having happy hours and playing with their kids. I wanted to get one before Annie was born so I would have a comfortable place to sit with her outside."  

How does your home make you feel?

I am a homebody and an introvert, so I am very happy at home. I feel most content when I have a day of no plans other than curling up on the sofa with a book or interior design magazines –with my daughter and husband close by, of course! I especially love being at home in the winter – our home is quaint and very cozy, and we always have the fire going.

"Walls lined with antique plates, lampshades with scalloped edges, and gingham-patterned pillows are a few of the reasons we’ve all become obsessed with British interiors over the past two years. But for Anglo(design)phile Kathryn Humphries, it’s much simpler than that. “It’s the emphasis on things that are old,” suggests Humphries, the Houston-based cofounder of All You Need Method, an online course and consultancy platform for small-business owners."

- Domino Magazine,


"Organization, Meet Contemplation"

- Domino magazine

Annie's room was recently featured in Domino Magazine, Take a read here!

"Given the house was built in the 1930s, it didn’t come with a whole lot of storage, so Humphries had to devise a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe system from scratch. “I personally had always dreamed of having window seats in my own bedroom as a kid,” shares Humphries of her decision to add seating nooks to the plans. After drawing it up herself, her husband’s family, who is in the construction business, built the structure, adding cane detailing to the closet doors, a feature subconsciously inspired by Matilda Goad’s London home."

- Domino Magazine,

- Welcome to the dining room -

"The dining room table belonged to the family who lived here before us and I had told them that I would love to buy it from them if they didn't have a place for it in their new home - it fits the space perfectly and I knew I wanted a circular table. I was lucky that they didn't want to take it with them and I had a chance to buy it! I believe it's a French antique. The chairs were purchased separately - the two end chairs from Chairish and the 4 dining chairs from Etsy. I was thrilled to find pieces that went so well together! "


What’s one thing you love about where you live?

Houston is a sprawling city but our neighborhood, The Heights, feels like its own small city. We can walk to multiple coffee shops and restaurants from our house, and we are right by a hike and bike trail that is ideal for walks with Annie. Houston is not a very walkable city and I feel very lucky to live in a walkable pocket.

Tell us more about your raha roho rug!

For our bedroom I ordered a 9' x12' Bohème flat weave rug in tan and cream, with a loose fringe. I had been looking at rugs for a while and knew I wanted a neutral rug that was both soft and durable. I loved this piece when I saw it on Instagram because of the texture and the tan tripe and border detail, which add a little interest to the neutral rug. I also love that it’s ethically handmade by artisans and supports their craft. The rug really ties our room together and makes it feel extra cozy, plus the soft wool is wonderful for Annie who is crawling and learning to walk!


Pictured below: The green side table between the pink chairs was passed down from Kathryn's great grandparents and had been at her family's ranch for years - collecting dust.

"I'm glad it has a home in our room now."


Your baby just turned one! Can you share with us how your first year of motherhood has been and any highlights or funny moments you weren’t expecting?

Being Annie’s mom is the biggest gift and so much fun. She’s sweet, smart, a total goofball, and wise beyond her 1 year. She is also a mama’s girl, which is a blessing that I will cherish until she inevitably becomes obsessed with her Papa.

The early days of motherhood rocked my world. I had post baby blues for a month or so and was very overwhelmed by how much life had changed overnight. Thankfully I have an incredible support system with my husband, family, and friends who helped me immensely. I’m very grateful to be in this phase with Annie – of course there are ups and downs, but it really is the best.

Describe a typical day in the life of Kathryn...

I set my alarm for 6:15 a.m. (and sometimes snooze) so I can have 20-30 minutes to myself to pray, journal and drink coffee (!) before Annie wakes up around 7 a.m. I make her breakfast and then we play and hang out with “Papa” before he goes to work. Sometimes I’ll sneak in a quick 15-20 minute workout or flow (I’m into Melissa Wood Health right now) while Jim watches Annie. Annie’s amazing nanny arrives at 8:30 a.m. and then I run and get dressed and make my daily smoothie, following Be Well By Kelly’s Fab 4 formula. My recipe is a frozen banana, frozen kale, unsweetened almond milk, 2 scoops of Vital Proteins collagen peptides, a big spoonful of peanut butter, dashes of celtic sea salt and cinnamon, and seeds – I seed cycle to help regulate my hormones so it’s either flax + pumpkin seeds or sesame + sunflower seeds. This is WAY more than anyone probably would care to know but I love reading morning routines!

I work from home in my office and try to be on my computer by 9 a.m. I start by going through emails and flagging ones that need responses. Most of my day is spent working on All You Need Method, the company I co-created with my business partner Carla Nikitaidis, who I worked with in New York. After years of working across PR, brand strategy, and marketing for both global brands and new businesses, we decided to create an online course to teach small business owners and creative entrepreneurs our Method for building a successful brand. It’s a ton of work running your own business but I love working for myself – and helping others do the same by building their dream business!

Outside of All You Need Method, I manage content, PR and partnerships for MIRTH, an ethical womenswear and lifestyle brand I have worked with for 6 years. MIRTH designs the most beautiful clothing and tabletop pieces made with fabrics that are mostly handmade in India, and they just debuted knitwear made in Peru. The brand was started by two sisters who are also based in Houston, and I love being part of their growing team.

Some days I try to wrap up early to spend more time with Annie, but if it’s a full day I sign off at 5 p.m. Annie and I play and swing outside until “Papa” gets home, then it’s dinner followed by bath and bedtime around 7 p.m. Jim and I usually eat dinner once Annie goes to sleep (we try to cook ~4x a week) and then we have the evenings to ourselves, which is really nice. Sometimes we’ll watch a show, or I’ll crawl into bed early (like 8:30!) and read. I am one of those people who really needs sleep and have learned to embrace it. 

You have some special pieces in your home, tell us how you choose what you bring into your space?

Thank you! Many things in our home have been passed down to us by family members, picked up while traveling, or purchased on secondhand sites like 1st Dibs and Chairish. I gravitate towards items that have a history or a story. I try to avoid buying from big box stores. This is what drew me to my raha roho rug! I designed our headboard and ottoman and had them built, and I love that they are unique and exactly what I had envisioned. Our home is a work in progress and while I sometimes feel impatient to have it “done,” I want our home to feel like it’s been curated and collected over time.


"I knew I wanted wallpaper and fell in love with this print by British artist Polly Fern. She was lovely to work with and the paper makes the room feel a little magical. When I tell Annie bedtime stories I often incorporate the wallpaper motif. "The wallpaper tells a story of a girl named Annie James and her best friend Peter, and their two birds Goldie and Tumi..." "

Below, Kathryn's pewter tray came from her childhood bathroom that she shared with her sister. "Our bathroom had wallpaper with a bow motif, and I love that the tray also matches the bows in Annie's nursery wallpaper. "


"A British-Inspired Nursery That Still Pulls Double Duty as a Guest Bedroom.

A case for not having a dedicated changing table."

- Domino Magazine 

Pictured below, a family heirloom chair sits in Kathryn's nursery and guest bedroom.

"This chair was gifted to me from my grandmother. It was used as my grandfather's home office chair, which makes it extra special to me. I love the caning and yellow velvet - and the yellow color matches the yellow in the wallpaper perfectly."


I love the style of your home and how you have combined colors, vintage pieces, and modern aspects all into one! How would you describe your personal style as a design enthusiast? And who are your top three interior designers that lend inspiration to who you are and your style?

That is very kind, thank you! As I mentioned above, I gravitate towards items that have history and a story, and that make me happy. I’m never looking for a particular style or era. I would say my style is comfortable, lived-in, with a touch of artfulness. I draw inspiration from British design and love following the work of Matilda Goad, Beata Heuman, and Rita Konig.

Who has inspired you lately? 

This time of year is my favorite and I find myself looking for inspiration related to fall travel and fall style. I really don’t know how to dress for any other season, but I feel pretty confident in my fall style - I guess I can credit the true fall I experienced in New York for this.

A few people / things that have been inspiring me:

Sarah Corbett-Winder for personal style and her home

Wardrobe Icons for fall style inspiration. Love this look.

Perusing hotels outside of London on Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I’ve specifically been eyeing The Pig boutique hotels.

Would love to visit New York this fall and stay at Nine Orchard, a new hotel in the Lower East Side.

In her office, Kathryn uses a combination of books to add height and create a stand for her elegant marble desk lamp.


Finish this sentence: “I am happy when…”

I am at home on a cold day curled up with a good book, the fire going, and no plans other than being with Jim and Annie, and maybe meeting friends somewhere cozy for dinner.


Where should people find or experience your business?


All You Need Method


Kathryn, it has been such a pleasure to get to know you, albeit through email, over the last few months, and like we've both said, if only we were in the same city we would be planning a coffee date to talk all things design, business and motherhood!

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