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Meet Debbie and Jimmy, a Vancouver based duo who eloped in Paris

When I first met Debbie and Jimmy last fall to talk about creating a custom rug, Debbie and I quickly connected over plants. I can confidently say we’re both plant-mom freaks and have indoor jungles in our homes, thanks to our supportive husbands ;) We’re also both nurses, which I didn’t learn until recently … but no wonder we hit it off.

Images: Mariel Nelms


1. How does your home make you feel?

When we were looking for a home, we wanted something different - a unique layout, something with character. We wanted our home to be aesthetically pleasing, yet functional and homey. 

To simply put it, our home makes us feel happy. For a town home in Mount Pleasant, there is so much natural light. Honestly, Debbie just wanted a home for her jungle. 

2. How would you describe the style of your home?

Scandinavian design with a POP of colour.

3. Can you tell us about some of the special pieces in your home?

Our wedding portrait we had printed on a large canvas above our bed. We eloped in Paris…just us two. We wanted our wedding photos to evoke the feeling of being in Paris without the touristy monuments. The photo captured just that, a feeling.



4. What’s one thing you love about where you live?

We love the eclectic and chill vibes Mount Pleasant gives. It has a residential feel with young growing families like us, local parks just steps away and easy bike lanes. But on the flip side, you are just a block away from trendy Main street filled with restaurants and local shops, and of course Debbie’s favourite, plant shops. As a bonus, we have amazing neighbours, which is something we didn’t consider when looking for a home. It adds to that sense of community when we’re all looking out for each other.

5. What keeps you busy during the day? (you could talk about what you do for work here)

When Debbie’s not nursing at the hospital, she’s a plant mama nursing her many plants. Jimmy keeps busy with endless zoom calls and drinking endless Nespressos … he works with numbers, enough said. 


6. If you were asked to recommend your top 3 must see and do places/activities in Vancouver, what would they be?

Rent bikes and bike around the seawall, taste different cuisines Vancouver has to offer - our local favs on Main Street include Toshi’s, Ahn and Chi’s, Autostrada Osteria. Lastly, Shameful Tiki Room. If you’re a big drinker, we dare you to attempt to finish the Barrel Run (it may be very memorable, or not…)


7. Tell us more about your custom raha roho rug …

We ordered a custom Amirah Rug. We went with dark blue, light blue and mustard yellow. It really ties in the colours of our home, especially our navy blue and white kitchen with gold accents.

8. We love the style of rug you chose for your living room, what drew you to it?

Debbie - When I first saw the Amirah Rug, it brought me Joy (literally, and pun intended). Every time I see the Amirah Rug, it makes me feel genuinely happy. Cheerful and playful - just little words of reminder to myself.

Jimmy agrees, it reminds him of a dress shirt he has. He calls it the “Birthday Cake”.


  1. Amirah Rug / 2. Pre-order Rugs

9. What has been your biggest lesson during this pandemic?

Having moved here to the neighbourhood just prior to the pandemic, we realized the importance of supporting our small local businesses. We genuinely want to see them survive and thrive. We’ve also learned that parks are not actually that boring as long as you have the right company… and the right amount of alcohol.


Thanks you two! You both have a gorgeous and welcoming personality, oh, and we love your home too!!

PS, if you haven’t been to Trendy Bucks on Main St for a walk through the Garden of Eden, Debbie and I both recommend you check it out. They have quite the selection of plants.


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