Life lessons & thrifting w/ Sarah Shabacon

The “always” Sarah is referring to is that feeling of pure thrill and excitement when she’s thrifting. After decades of haunting second hand shops, never knowing what’s in store - Sarah still get’s that feeling.

Can any of you relate? I was attempting to explain to my husband the other day that the endorphin-rush of scoring that vintage crop top is like no other feeling…he doesn’t have that same desire to troll vintage stores the way I do (…not feeling my crop top vibes, I guess). To him it’s a foreign feeling.


Meet Sarah Shabacon:

The founder and one-woman show behind Bohème Goods. Bohème is a visual representation of who Sarah is herself: rare, intentional, unique. It’s a lot more than just gorgeous vintage clothing and one-of-a-kind pieces for your home, body and soul. Through her combination of ’70s inspired living and bohemian beach vibes, she lives and breathes originality and has become a muse to many. Sarah blends nonconformist extravagance and laid-back style with free-spirit flair.

For those of you who haven’t come across Sarah and her brand, here’s a little snapshot of some of her favourite items, rituals, and advice…

Current favourite item in your home? Our Togo Sofa

Reading or writing? Reading

Tea or coffee? Mushroom Coffee (promise it's delicious)

One piece of advice for moms running their own business? Kids first, always

Do you have a self care ritual? If so, can you describe it? My self care ritual is focused on my mental health, I always make sure to have the house tidied up before I go to bed and while I clean up I play my favourite music. I do this so when I wake in the morning I can sit down with a warm drink with all the lunches packed and have some quiet time alone before I wake the boys for school.

Favourite textile item right now? Sheepskin Coat by Milena Silvano



Speaking of textiles, it’s time to spill on a secret we’ve been keeping for months…

Sarah and I started brainstorming in the fall of 2019 to dream up the perfect marriage of our two brands. We discovered we were kindred spirits and decided to work together on creating the perfect Bohème x raha roho rug for you.

Both Boheme and raha roho aim to reduce their environmental footprint by curating and selling well made and sustainable products -whether it’s a vintage wool jacket, a jewel-tone silky cushion, or a hand knotted wool rug, you can trust that that piece is with you for life. With a mandate to be a responsible consumer, both Sarah and I hope you treasure and take care of the pieces you invest in.

We can’t wait to show you our timeless and tonal rug.

This exclusive design drops this month and is bound to liven up any room!

Stay tuned for new announcements and sign up for our e-newsletter for early access to our limited edition in-stock and pre-order rugs!


Shop Sarah’s collection of goods at and follow her on IG @bohemegoods

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