L'Orangerie For Spring 2022





We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest collection launching this Spring 2022.

A fun twist (ha) on L'Orangeries in Morocco and France - let me tell you why.

Scent is the most powerful trigger of memory. Am I right?

This collection is named 'LOrangerie' to evoke lush textures and sweet aromas of the Moroccan Riads and their courtyards full of orange trees. The scent is a personal favourite that brings me right back to my time in Morocco, tasting fresh Fleur D'Oranger (orange blossom) infused pastry and sipping on mint tea. Innately noble and sweet, Fleur D'Oranger stands alone in many French (and Moroccan) baking recipes and perfumes.

We hope you love our fun take on the imagery for this collection.

Now get to work, it's time to orange the furniture!

Photography by the talented Mariel Nelms, Vancouver BC.

Styling by Adrienne of Meara Goods, Squamish BC.

Pictured above left: The Diamant Rug


Have you ever been totally knocked sideways by that perfect scent? Fleur D’ Oranger is that for me.


It is sensual, it is fresh. This smell is pure comfort.

Fun fact: Moroccans, with their close ties and influences from France, love to bake with Fleur D’ Oranger essential oil. It gives off the slightest hint of sweetness and flavour in fresh warm scones and biscuits. It is especially excellent for making waffles, pancakes, madeleines and brioches.

I brought a bottle back with me when I was last in Morocco and have been sparingly baking with it.

This scent is personal for me. Not only does it bring me back to the centre of a bustling Moroccan medina, but it also reminds me of a roadtrip I took through France in 2018, visiting the hill top town of Grasse where the original perfumerie originated. The perfect book to get you in the mood is Perfume, by Patrick Suskind? It is a masterpiece … If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it. It’s short, thrilling, and takes you on a journey through France and the history of perfume. Here’s the link.

Pictured above left: The Maison Rug


The L'Orangerie collection features four new stunning and unique peices.

MAISON: Featuring the combination of textures and geometry. Knotted plush rectangles and squares form rows between a flat woven border. Welcome home.


FLEUR:  A flat woven and ever so softrug for your room. Made with 100% Moroccan sheep's wool, using a weaving technique rather than knotting. A cream base creates the canvas for black pathways ending in Moroccan motif flowers.


L'EAU: Where subtle flat woven lines and plush waves of knots collide. We have combined two ancient rug-making techniques into one incredible rug for you to experience. Fluid and every changing.

DIAMANT: Plush through and through. A cream base splashed with bits of colour and shapes. Structured by a subtle grey diamond lattice.


Pictured above: The Maison Rug

All of our new pieces are fully customizable in size and colour

Orange you lucky!

Pictured above left: The Diamant Rug   ||  Pictured above right: The Fleur Rug

Pictured above: The Diamant Rug

For fun, here is a link to Orange Blossom water used in baking.


And finally, here is an interesting article about the sense of smell - for your reading pleasure!



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